Saturday, August 10, 2013

Panem Plyometrics

August is like the third book of the Hunger Games.  You sped through books one and two (June and July) without even taking a second to breathe.  And while you have been readily anticipating the final installment of the trilogy throughout it all, you know it will inevitably be over too soon.

So in this final installment of your summer trilogy, it’s time to slow down, smell the roses (or rosé, if you’re having that kind of summer), and make one final push to achieve your health and fitness goals.  After all, both summer and the Hunger Games have a similar objective—to get yourself your own Gale or Peeta, whichever you’re into, and take some prisoners with dat fine-a** body of yours that you’ve trained so hard for.

In an effort to help you attain your end-of-summer, Katniss-esque, bod of your dreams, I have developed a high-intensity plyometric workout—as promised in my “The HHH Bible” post.  Plyometrics are a great way to blast stubborn fat quickly and efficiently, plus, they increase performance for your other athletic activities…helping you run faster, jump higher, and dance that much longer up in the club.  This workout is intense, straight to the point, and gets the job done—just as I hope your experiences with your own Gale or Peeta have been.

Do as many reps as you can in the time allotted, making sure each movement is energetic and explosive.  During “rest” periods, make sure you don’t stop moving.  Do all of the exercises and repeat the entire routine once more for a total of two sets.  This is the best way to decrease your body fat percentage and get yourself in tip-top shape.  You’ll be looking and feeling great for whatever adventure that may come your way after this trilogy of hard work and dedication to your health.

Warm-up with a 30 second jog in place

1 min of jumping jacks (make sure your hands touch overhead every time)

15 seconds of steps side-to-side

1 min of lunge jumps (start in lunge position with your right foot forward, jump into the air and switch your left foot forward, landing softly into lunge position with your left foot forward)

15 seconds of knees-to-chest marching (make sure to use your core to pull your knees up)

1 min of frog jumps (4 forward, 4 back)

15 seconds of grapevine

1 min of skaters (start in a curtsy position with your left foot behind your right, as shown, and then hop your left foot to the side and bring your right foot behind your left in a curtsy position)

15 seconds of easy punches

1 min of squat jacks (start in a squat position, hop your legs out, staying low and bring your hands overheard to touch, hop back to squat position)

15 seconds of grapevine

1 min of shoulder-tap plank (start in plank position and bring your right hand to your left shoulder, keeping your hips level; return to plank position and repeat on the left side)

15 seconds of easy uppercuts

1 min of barrier jumps (place a small towel on the ground and be sure to keep your feet together as you jump over it, side-to-side)

15 seconds of steps side-to-side

1 min of squats with alternating leg lift (start in a squat position and come to standing, using your core to bring your right leg to hip level; return to squat position and repeat on the left side)

30 second cool-down with hands overhead 

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