Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last month I wrote a post about becoming the coveted trifecta: trendsetter, go-getter, jetsetter.  This month, I packed my bags, put on my Hardtails (perfect for any mode of transportation) and jetsetted my way to…Tanzania!!

I apologize for the brief HHH hiatus, but for some inane reason, the people of Tanzania have yet to install Wi-Fi hotspots on the back of lions.  One of these days…

Nevertheless, I am back and ready to continue my Happy and Healthy mission.

Coming up in August:
-New workouts
-Healthy HHH recipes
-Fashionable fitness gear
-…And more!

 Insanity in the Serengeti

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Start a Revolution

Eyeshades off.  Covers down.  Step on the scale.  Celebrate or freak out.

My morning routine is like that of many other girls.  Between brushing my teeth and getting dressed, a three-digit number determines my mood and actions for the rest of the day.  How is it that a mundane function of habit can dictate my self-worth for the next 24 hours?

We all do it.  We obsess over a number that society deems as too high or too low, or if we’re lucky, just right.  But the numbers don’t stop at the scale.  We obsess over the size of our jeans and the numbers on the tags of our tops and dresses.  Every single day, we have three different numerical codes telling us if popular culture thinks we’re skinny or fat.  And every single day, we torture ourselves to prevent falling into the latter category.

We limit our carb intake.  We become vegans or adopt a Paleo diet.  We starve ourselves before vacations.  We spend hours upon hours at the gym.  We say no to dessert.  Because God forbid, when I wake up the next morning, that three-digit number is one digit higher than the day before.

Somewhere along the way, skinny has become the new happy.  We are brainwashed into believing that in order to be beautiful, we must fit into a size 0, or die trying.  Even as smart and powerful women, we confuse wanting to love our bodies with wanting to be thin.  Society dissuades us from expressing any sort of contentment with our figures.  When given a compliment, we must subscribe to girl protocol and immediately follow it with self-deprecation.  We are deemed conceited if we dare to admit we like a self attribute.

It’s time to put an end to this indoctrination.  It’s time to start loving our bodies. Despite our size, we never feel like we are good enough.  I am petite but I am never going to be stick thin.  I am never going to be a super model.  And I will not be mistaken for Barbie or even her BFF Theresa in the near future.  And you know what I say to that?  F@#$ it.  Who the f is popular culture to tell me I’m not beautiful just the way I am?

Maybe I have what society deems as “thunder thighs,” but guess what?  Thunder invokes notions of a force of nature and power, and that’s exactly what they are.  Today, I ran 10 miles with my “thunder thighs” and I’d rather be able to say that than that I strutted a catwalk.

Think about it, we aim to be size zero’s…the definition of zero is literally nothing.  Why would I want to be nothing?  I want to be a whole lot of something.  I want to be a strong and empowered woman, not one that allows a yo-yoing number to determine her self-confidence.  I want to be happy with my body and revel in its strength and power.  Strong, both mentally and physically, is what is beautiful, and strong is what I aim to be. 

My body is perfect.  It’s perfect because I work for it.   

Stop letting a number determine your self-worth.  Stop confusing wanting to love your body with wanting to be skinny.  Take a compliment.  Give a compliment.  And make telling yourself that you are beautiful, a part of your morning routine every single day. 

As women, the revolution starts with us.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HHH Cookie Dough

Most things are better baked.  Like…


Tan mom.

Snoop Dogg.

Most things…except for cookies.  Don’t get me wrong—I love a nice hot chocolate chip cookie, served right off the pan, dipped in milk, all crumbly and gooey in my mouth.  I really do.  But as good as cookies are, cookie dough is where it’s at.

Sunday, after a tough workout (my Dumbbell Blonde Routine, naturally) and day in the sun, I was ready to sit back and watch the Kardashian family drama unfold as Kendall and Kylie Jenner suffered through the rare and exclusively-celebrity condition of sibling rivalry.  As I watched Kylie totally dis Kendall by ditching her for sushi (so not cool), I wanted nothing more than to grab a spoon and go to work on a giant tub of Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough.  Two things stopped me from going cookie-monster-ape-shiz on that tub: 1) the thought of putting all that sugar and fat into my temple—my body and 2) the super cute American flag crop top I plan on wearing on the 4th.  With that, I set out to create my own Happy Healthy Hannah cookie dough to satisfy my craving and keep me on track as I watched a very prego Kim K. jump up and down on a trampoline (wait, what?).   

My HHH Cookie Dough is low-cal, high-protein, and totally delish.  I took a spoonful of the Tollhouse to compare against and dare I say… I liked mine better.  I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no she di’int” and to that I say, “Oh. Yes. I. Did.”  But try it yourself and you be the judge—your diet and your Kardashian-esque booty will thank you.

HHH Cookie Dough:

½ cup quick oats
¼ cup pecans
½ banana
1 tsp honey
2 packets of Stevia/Truvia
2 tsp almond milk
¼ tsp cinnamon
¼ cup vegan carob chips

Put all ingredients (except carob chips) into food processor and grate until the consistency is fine.  Mix in carob chips and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.  Grab your spoon and treat yourself like a Lord, Lord Disick that is.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The HHH Bible

Before my bat-mitzvah, I attended 4 years of rigorous religious school where I was taught not only the Hebrew letters I would need to recite at my coming-of-age ceremony, but also the allegories of the old testament.  Although Noah and the flood will always be my favorite tale (seriously, two of every animal on one boat…could it get much better?), the creation story has always intrigued me. 

While I'm not totally sold that we went from the creation of water to the creation of living creatures in 72 hours, I find the story rather applicable to my every day life—each and every day I work towards creating the body of my dreams.  Similar to the creation of our Earth, each day must add something different to produce what I like to call the Frankenstein’s monster of perfect bodies (see “Dumbbell Blonde” post).  I’m not sure if our creator had Jennifer Aniston’s flawlessly toned body in mind when she (yes, I said “she”…I went to an all girls’ school) gave Eve a rib from Adam, but the lack of bones would explain how Jen stays so thin.

Regardless, mixing up your routine is crucial for the creation of your perfect body.  If you do the same thing everyday, your body plateaus and you stop seeing results.  Imagine if God just created light every single one of the seven days—Earth would look like NeNe Leaks’ hyper-whitened smile on steroids.  No thank you.  In order to fully illustrate how to create the bod of your dreams, I have decided to write my own testament: The HHH Bible. 

I haven’t fully hashed out all the details, or if it will read right to left (like the Torah) or left to right, but the intro starts off with the Creation story—that is, of a hot body.

On the first day, the fitness gods declared, “Let there be running”.  There is really no better way to start your week off than with a run, getting the benefits of all-over toning and great cardio.

On the second day, the fitness gods created strength training (Dumbbell Blonde routine anyone?).  Read my post “Dumbbell Blonde” to understand the importance of weights in the creation story.

On the third day, the fitness gods exclaimed, “Let there be high-intensity training with plyometrics i.e. ‘Insanity,’ Cardio Kickboxing, Tabata, etc!” 
            “P.S.,” they also said, “Happy Healthy Hannah will be posting a routine shortly!”

On the fourth day, the fitness gods were like “Hey, that Dumbbell Blonde routine was pretty sick, do that shiz again.”

On the fifth day, the fitness gods created spin.  Motivational spin instructors and peer support is the perfect combo for a calorie-torching heaven.

On the sixth day, the fitness gods were like, “No seriously, do that Dumbbell Blonde routine again, your muscles are looking fierce gurl.”

And finally, on the seventh day, the fitness gods created rest.  Rest is arguably the most important part of every workout regimen.  Your body needs time to heal and rebuild so that you can mix it up each day and work towards creating your foine body all over again tomorrow.

So change up your routine, see results, and you eat dat apple gurl…it’s high in fiber and plus, a life without sin would be pretty frickin’ boring.