Thursday, May 23, 2013


You know those tabloid pictures of celebrities coming out of the gym looking chic, toned, and sweat-less?  Their hair is in a perfect pony and when asked how they stay looking so hot, they reply, “I don’t do much—everything in moderation.”  Well…I call bulls*$@!.  Staying fit is hard work and anyone who says otherwise is flat out lying.  And that “moderation” stuff…I’m sure that works for some people, but sometimes I like to push myself to the limit, going balls-to-the-wall during my workout and then come home and eat a giant tub of cookie dough.  Now is that so wrong? 

I want honesty when it comes to striving for that—what may seem impossible—perfect body.  But more importantly, I want to know that my body can be perfect because I work for it and treat it right, not because it fits the standards of US Weekly or is created by the magic of Photoshop.  That is what Happy Healthy Hannah is all about.  It IS possible to stay in shape, love your body, and still indulge in that fantastically decadent red velvet cupcake screaming your name from the glass case (hypothetically speaking, of course…).  Sometimes I follow “the rules,” sometimes I don’t.  But regardless, I want to be honest about it and share my tips, tricks, and slip-ups with you.  I want to share my journey through staying a Happy Healthy Hannah.

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