Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bosu You Di'int!

All men are created equal.  And although I believe that every man should possess equal rights, I know from my dating history, that every man is definitely not equal.  Let’s be real, some guys are great, some…not so much.  Some you want to keep, some just won’t go away.  Some guys are big, some guys are small (I’m talking about stature, of course). 

Oddly enough, the body is eerily similar to the men who have sashayed through my life.  I know, at least for myself, that my body parts are definitely not created equal.  Some I like, some I don’t.  Some are big (can you say badonkadonk?) and some are small (insert itty-bitty-titty committee joke here).  Some parts are just naturally the way they are and some I have to work my (big) a** for.  This lovely mismatch of proportion and required effort is different for every girl.  And every girl has that one body part, that when she’s in the gym, she obsesses over because that little extra flab just won’t go away.  Unlike guys, we can’t just change our phone number to get rid of that extra cushion.  Therefore, we must work it off the old fashioned way.  For me, my obsessive work ethic kicks in when it comes to my tummy.

There are many things I like to do on my back.  Naturally, I’m talking about sleeping and the backstroke…duh!  But ab exercises do not fall within that category.  The Bosu ball is a gym staple and forces you to work on stability thus, forcing your muscles to work that much harder, which means less time and better results #winning.  So try these moves, ditch your zero and be your own hero, having everyone say, “Bosu You Di’int!”

1)   Start in a tabletop position on top of the Bosu ball, with your hands behind your ears.  Keep your abs tight and make sure your lower back stays in contact with the ball.  Begin lifting your left leg, keeping your knee bent.  Crunch your upper body up, bringing your right elbow to meet your left knee at your midsection.  Return to start and repeat with the right leg and left elbow.  Complete 60 reps (30 on each side).

2)   Flip the Bosu ball over, so the round part is face down.  Start in plank position, with your arms straight under your shoulders on the flat side of the Bosu.  Lift your right leg a few inches off of the ground and bring your knee across your body to meet your left elbow.  Hold for a few seconds and return to start.  Complete 20 reps and repeat on the left side.
3)   Start in a tabletop position on top of the Bosu ball.  Keep your abs tight and make sure your lower back stays in contact with the ball.  Straighten your right leg, keeping both of your knees together and level.  Crunch your upper body up, reaching your arms forward.  Lower your upper body back to the start position, keeping your leg raised and your abs engaged the whole time.  Complete 20 reps and repeat on the left side. 

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