Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One of the boys...

I’ve always wanted to be “one of the guys.”  I can talk sports.  Like, I know the Heat beat the Spurs last night and that Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria…devastating on both accounts.  I can play sports (little known fact: I did win my rec center’s basketball championship in the 5th grade—not to brag or anything).  I can drink beer…on occasion…as long as it’s light…and it’s a Corona…and it has a lime.  And I can hit up the gym with the bros any day of the week—the fact that I go for the 12.5’s is just a minor distinction.

Another slight differentiation between me and the boys is our post-workout regimen.  While I’m dripping sweat in my Lululemon Power-Y tank or my sorority’s formal tee (aoe), my bros are rocking muscle tees.  While I’m wiping said dripping sweat with the provided towel, my bros are checking out their abs while pretending to wipe their face with said muscle tees.  And while I reach for my post-workout snack of a yogurt or apple and string cheese combo, my bros are pouring scoop after scoop of protein powder from a Costco size can promising the musculature of a baby oiled man, flexing in a Speedo (delish).  Now while I want to be “one of the guys,” surprisingly entering a male body building competition is not my primary goal for working out. 

That is why I have developed my own Princess Protein Smoothie.  This way I can keep up with the boys, but also ensure no confusion when it comes to guessing my gender.  It’s simple, it’s healthy, it's delish, and it’s under 250 calories.  Protein is essential after a workout, but this way I won’t end up looking like the Hulk.  Plus, it sneaks in some greens…but, don’t tell the guys, kale doesn’t really go with fist-pumping, beer-drinking, bro time.

Princess Protein Smoothie:
1 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein
5 strawberries
½ banana
1 spoonful peanut butter (I like Low Sodium Better’n Peanut Butter: low cal, low fat, but great taste)
½ cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
½ cup water
Handful of spinach
Handful of kale
A few ice cubes

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  1. I'm addicted to the protein smoothies!!! For mine, I make a couple changes...almond butter for peanut, and greek yogurt+milk in place of almond milk and water. Sometimes even a scoop of ground flaxseed (I actually LIKE the grittiness. Not everybody's thing!) If I don't need to drink it fast (think ice headache!), I love to use frozen fruit!