Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Travel Tone-Up

I've always had trouble with the old adage: "Do as I say, not as I do."  If you don't practice what you preach, it's time to step down from the podium.  In an attempt to avoid colossal hypocrisy (a la Eliot Spitzer), I followed my own healthy travel tips during my flight to New York this weekend.  Feeling guilt- and jetlag-free, I stepped off of the plane only to be greeted by a terrifying question that hit me like a pound of bricks: how the #&@! am I going to stay on track during the trip?! 

My personal motto is, "If I have to diet and shave on a trip, then it's not a real vacation."  If you tell me that your 5-day spring break trip was worth the three months of starving yourself beforehand and watching your carb intake throughout the week, you are a liar and a masochist (but maybe you're into that sort of thing, so who am I to judge?).  Personally, I want to maintain my normal routine prior to a trip and most likely devour a plate of nachos when I arrive (the destination is irrelevant...I will have nachos no matter what).  Having said that, I'd also like to keep up some semblance of my regimen while away and also attempt not to look like a total yetti.  So this weekend, I packed my razor and aimed to discover how to stay healthy and active while also living it up on vacay.

Vacation (vāˈkā sh ən)- A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation.  Or in layman’s terms: sip the margarita, eat the gelato, and soak up the sun.  Splurge a little (if you have to unbutton your high-waisted jeans at the table, you’ve gone too far) but stay active so as not to do too much damage.  No one wants to come home busting out of their clothes like Kim K’s prego feet in sandals.  Here are 10 moves you can do in any motel, hotel, or family road trip RV—no equipment needed.

Do one minute of each with no rest in between the moves.  After finishing all 10 exercises, rest for 2 minutes and repeat the routine again.  The whole workout is only 22 minutes so you’ll have plenty of time to get the rest of your cardio dancing on the bar at Liv, El Squid Roe, Marquee, or wherever your booty shakin’ moves take you this summer.

Warm-up by jogging in place

Push-ups (real ones, ladies!)


Squats with your feet hip’s width apart


Tricep dips (you can use any chair)

Mountain climbers

Alternating forward lunges


Bicycle crunches

Now get your lil toned body out there and enjoy your summer getaway.  Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for shaving and nacho-free meals when you get back. 

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